As we continue to spend more time indoors we may be looking for new sources of inspiration. Here are some art supplies that you could experiment with. The materials below are great if you’re looking to add a special effect to your masterpieces or simply try something new. It’s always a good time to get creative with different art materials!

1. A love for new colours

There’s something very exciting about pigments. We love colour so seeing it in its pure form depicts a whole world of possibilities to create. We have all heard of and experimented with acrylics, watercolours, oil colours, etc. and these are the end result of mixing pigments with binders. But have you ever tried creating your own medium using pigments and resin? Enjoy creating your own colours and manipulating the medium to fit your artistic style with our Glimmer pigments and popular resin.

Supplies you’ll need: Resin, Glimmer Pigments

2. A match made in heaven

We have recently seen a new love for acrylic pouring. With the vibrant colours, flowing effect and fun method it is no surprise this has become so popular. But have you experimented with creating cells? Use Floetrol with our Liquitex pouring medium to form cells. The cells create a circular effect that will add a new dimension to your acrylic pouring art.

Here are the products: Floetrol, Liquitex Pouring Medium, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Liquitex Acrylic Soft Body

3. Add a little texture

Have you explored the versatility of acrylics? Mediums allow artists to explore the endless possibilities of acrylics. We have a wide range to choose from but here are a few to get started. Want to achieve a heavier, more pronounced effect? Try the Winsor & Newton Black Lava Texture Gel containing fine particles of black flint.

Keen to create a jewel like look? You’ll love the Glass Beads Texture Gel composed of small, spherical glass beads suspended in a thick, clear acrylic gel. Want a sand texture or pearlescent effect? Play around with the Winsor & Newton sand texture gel and iridescent medium. If that’s not enough, maybe the Heavy Structure Gel is more up your street. This will help you create strong surface texture and heavy layers while still keeping that rich satin finish.

Products mentioned: Black Lava Texture Gel, Glass Beads Texture Gel, Sand Texture Gel, Iridescent Medium, Heavy Structure Gel all from Winsor & Newton

4. Pastel perfection

If you’re a pastel lover, this one is for you! We have a specialised range of sanded pastel paper that will help add texture to your work. The paper has a micro-abrasive surface texture which works beautifully with pastels charcoal crayons. It is available in a limited set of colours to create more of an effect. What makes this range even more special is that the paper retains pastel pigments which allows for multiple layers.

Supplies you’ll need: Unison Chalk Pastels, Canson Mi-teinte Paper available in Black, Cream, Sand, Dark Grey

We hope you enjoy experimenting with these materials and look forward to seeing your creations! If you have any questions or want to achieve a special effect get in touch with us. We will guide you on which art materials will help you achieve your desired end result.

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