Are you looking for a new way to challenge your art skills? Has painting by numbers got a little too easy? Do you have a bare wall you wish to fill with your own art? We have a new product that is perfect for you– painting with outlines!

While painting by numbers is great for budding artists looking to explore their artistic skills, painting with outlines allows you to be more experimental with colour. Painting with outlines supports you in building your artwork by providing an outline but leaves you free to use the colours you wish. Choose the colour scheme you desire and use your favourite shades on a variety of different outlines.

These activities, like colouring books, could also help with reducing stress and anxiety as users regain peace, quiet and focus as they take a break from the stress and bustle of everyday life. An added benefit of this new product is that the range of outlines are printed onto a canvas. This means you can experiment with acrylics, oils, markers and even gouache! The canvas also makes it easy to display your work once completed.

If you need a new way to keep busy as we spend more time indoors or are looking for the right gift for someone creative, this product is ideal. Give it a go and share your work with us by tagging our pages on Instagram or Facebook. Click here to view all available outlines.

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